Refund Policy

Every participant is required to enroll for at least one term in each program. Participants are not allowed to withdraw themselves from the program they have enrolled in after the schedule class of the program started. However, participants shall be entitled for refund of the program fees in following cases:

  1. The GUC receives a notice of withdrawal in writing from the student no later than seven days after the date of enrollment in a program and before the program start date;
  2. The GUC will refund the fees for the program paid by the student or a person on behalf of the student enrolled in the program if the student is enrolled in the program without having met the admission requirements and did not misrepresent his or her knowledge or skills when applying for admission.
  3. If The GUC terminates the contract or discontinue the program for any reason other than force majeure, participants will get a refund pro-rata basis.
  4. After completion of the first term in any program, participants will be entitled to discontinue the program by giving 10 days written notice in advance and shall be entitled to get the refund pro-rata basis accordingly.
  5. Refund for any other reason is the sole discretion of the The GUC authority.
  6. The GUC will refund the fees if:
    • There is a disruption in the country and adequate rescheduling is not possible
    • There is a cancellation of the registered program due to reasons attributable to The GUC
  7. The GUC is not obligated to refund the fees if:
    • The registered student is unable to participate or attend the classes for reasons not attributable to The GUC and is personal in nature
    • There are cancellations in sessions due to weather or causes beyond the control of The GUC. In such cases, The GUC will strive to schedule adequate make up sessions but is not bound to do so.


Refund Procedure (Withdrawal Due To Other Reasons)

Step 1: Student to obtain the “Withdrawal/Refund Request Form” from The GUC.

Step 2: Complete all relevant sections of the form and submit to The GUC authority (Please note that incomplete forms could lead to delays in processing of withdrawal/refund request)

Step 3: Students will receive an email stating the outcome of the withdrawal/refund request along with instructions for collection of refund (if applicable) in not more than 10 working days from the date of withdrawal/refund request. An official notification letter will also be sent out to the student’s registered email address/passed to the student in person during collecting the refund.

Step 4: For an approved refund request, the student or parent or legal guardian is required to proceed down to The GUC to receive his/her refund and for the purpose of acknowledging the refund received. An authorized representative also may be sent to The GUC to collect the refund amount.