Ongoing Programs

The Growing Up Club is governed by the principles of mutual trust, concern and respect. This is not a set of rules, but more a way of operating our daily routines, emphasizing genuine connection and engagement with one another and our community at large.


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY … through our athletics programs, designed to encourage children to have fun outdoors, develop the fundamentals skills of the sport and most importantly, internalize the spirit of discipline and teamwork. We believe these are critical aspects of a healthy routine, which will remain at their core all their lives.

Programs: Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Boxing, Swimming

CREATIVE THINKING … through our exploration programs, structured to inspire critical thinking and problem-solving, resulting in well-rounded expansive thinkers. We have a variety of ideas and concepts, which are all delivered through a playful and relatable experience.

Programs: STEM learning, Coding, Music & Instruments, Arts & Craft, Storytelling, Field Visits


Football is our flagship and most popular program. We started in July 2019 and have expanded since. We have teams for U16, U14, U12, U10 & U8, and utilize a specific curriculum designed for progressive learning of the game, tailored by age group. We have well-trained coaches who run weekly sessions across 4 locations in Dhaka city (Bashundhara, Uttara, Dhanmondi & Baridhara), including neighborhoods & schools.

In June 2023, 34 players and 3 coaches spent a week in Dubai training with the Real Madrid Foundation, where we had 4 practice sessions and 2 friendly matches.


Our children love basketball! Our basketball sessions are an inclusive, high-energy camp used to focus on the fundamentals of basketball and to help children 6-16 years of age of ALL skill levels improve their game.  The goal is to improve each participant’s basketball skill level in a fun environment while helping to boost confidence!


Table tennis is the perfect way to develop focus and concentration. Our training sessions focus on technique, footwork, strategy, and mental preparation, and help children understand the importance of repetition in the path to improvement and excellence.


Every parent appreciates swimming as a critical life skill, and there is nothing like learning to swim at a young age. We operate in small batch sizes with experienced coaching that makes it fun in the pool!


In the digital age, coding is a basic literacy, and it is crucial for children to comprehend and be able to work with and understand technology. Code is used to operate every website, smartphone app, computer software, calculator, and even microwave. Learning to code at a young age helps youngsters to prepare for the future. Communication, creativity, numeracy, writing, and confidence are all enhanced when children learn to code.


Early Explorers classes are imaginative, playful and at times messy. We provide process art experiences to maximize creative potential and make space for joyful play, encouraging a child to think, inquire and explore. It is through play that children develop physically, socially and emotionally. Children learn to share and communicate with each other through activities such a cooking, play dough, dress up, lacing and threading, singing, painting and much more. Most importantly they learn while having fun.


The future is digital! Graphics design and STEM have endless skilful possibilities, and we are here to help you learn them all! Come and test your creativity and critical thinking with us!


A fun and creative outlet for imaginative kids! In our Storytelling program, children take ten online classes to create their own story books. Classes are taught by children’s book author and publisher, Raya Rahman. At the end of the program, children get copies of the book they created so they can proudly share it with their family and friends.


Music can be a lifelong partner in the form of an instrument, or just spending time regularly to listen to it. The objective of this program is to introduce music to children not just as a hobby but as an outlet in life.