Code of Conduct


The Growing Up Club (The GUC) will be governed by the principles of mutual trust, concern and respect. This is not a set of rules, but more as a way of operating our daily routines, emphasizing genuine connection and engagement with one another. As participants in The Growing Up Club, instructors, parents, children, and guardians are expected to honor the principles and the promise for respectful conduct.

This code of conduct seeks to establish a set of core principles which are applicable to anybody who works with children.  This Code outlines the expected standard of behavior that must be demonstrated by all concerned, and covers the following but not limited to:



Personal standards of behavior must be high in dealing with other participants, parents, children, visitor etc. Public confidence in the The GUC would be undermined if staff:

    • Threaten, fight or assault anyone on the school/The GUC premises, or persist in verbal or non-verbal behavior, which would intimidate anyone.
    • Steal, take without authority, or deliberately damage things that belong to The GUC.
    • Take drugs or drink alcohol while at work/on duty.



Staff should not engage in inappropriate use of social media sites, either inside or outside of working hours, which may bring themselves, The GUC into disrepute. Staff should not have contact with any pupil through social media (unless the pupils are family members) and should exercise caution when posting photographs and/or comments, especially without consent, so that professional standards are maintained and staff do not compromise themselves or The GUC.



All staff must:

    • Treat others with respect.
    • Not discriminate any person and treat others equally regardless of ability, gender, age, race, position or any other protected characteristic.
    • Take drugs or drink alcohol while at work/on duty.



All staff must, at all times, act in accordance with the trust that The GUC is entitled to place in them. Similarly, The GUC is expected to act in accordance with the trust that the employee is entitled to place on the school.



An employee must not in their official or personal capacity allow their personal interests to conflict with the interest of The GUC, bring the reputation of The GUC into disrepute, or use their position improperly to confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person.

As a community, we promise to:

    • Consider how our words and actions may impact other participants. Our individual and collective interactions must reflect our acceptance of the principles of mutual trust, concern and respect, especially important to foster an environment that encourages respectful expression of differing values and opinions.
    • Accept that violations will include discrimination and harassment, including but not limited to racism, sexism, classism, cultural insensitivity, discrimination based on accent, dialect, and use of language.
    • Respect shared spaces … it is our responsibility to clean up after ourselves, and respect others’ property. In the event of damage, we will be honest with the owner.
    • Uphold community standards whereby we feel comfortable to escalate or confront others’ behavior when it disturbs us, and report our own breaches.
    • Abide by the Ombuds process and follow the open-reporting guidelines without fear of retaliation or judgment.