About Me

A father and a sports

In Charge

I believe in hard work and dedication, and I believe nothing good happens without them. I love competition, I love the process of preparation, and I love being on teams. And as a parent, I believe in being there for my kids no matter what, but to also let them figure it out. I have benefited from what I learned through recreational sports in all aspects of my life – it is so much more powerful than we may think. And I think its cool to try and help facilitate this for the next generation… I would love for kids to see value in the mission we are on… for them to be physically active, to pick up fundamental skills to feel passionate and confident, and to work in teams.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

Michael Jordan
My hobby is playing sports and being with my children … best when done together!
Founder of The Growing Up Club