About Me

Children’s book author
and publisher

In Charge

As a person, I think I am both creative and analytical. I like to use both these skills in my career as a professional storyteller and children’s book publisher. I call myself a professional storyteller because I get hired by different organizations to create children’s stories for learning purposes. I am a publisher because I own a bilingual publishing company (Guba Books) that publishes children’s books in English and Bangla. As a parent, I believe in spending quality time with my children. I love doing extracurricular and fun activities with my girls such as arts and crafts, playing board games and watching movies together. I teach my kids to help their parents with household chores as it encourages their independence and they also learn to respect the hard work adults do. I give them freedom but within boundaries. Early literacy is my passion because supporting children to become strong readers, writers and thinkers is the foundation of our success. Storytelling is a fun way for children to enhance their literacy and creative skills and helps them to organize their thoughts to be better communicators. I hope the storytelling program builds a foundation for children to love reading and writing and encourages them to pursue creative endeavors in life.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have

Maya Angelou
My hobby is sports (handball), watching movies, reading, nature walks
Founder of GUBA Books