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Happy mum of 3 and
a proud teacher

In Charge

Coding & Explorers
I am all about structure and discipline, I believe creating a healthy daily routine keeps you grounded and can have a big impact on your mental and physical health. When children’s daily activities are put in a routine, they feel more confident and secure, they feel they are in control of their environment. As a parent, I hope positive discipline through warmth and structure, develops my children’s own self discipline and lifelong learning.  The realization that life is too short to be stressed about things you can’t control, is what motivates me to do my desired work. If there’s anything that the pandemic has taught us is that adaptability is a trait that we both adults and children need to develop most. Especially with technology growing at an unpredictable pace. I believe coding gives children the creative platform to both create and adapt.

“If they can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn

Ignacio Estrada
I love to teach
Instructor of Early Coders and Early Explorers