About Me

An entrepreneur, artist, graphic
designer and educator

In Charge


I’d like to think of myself as a free spirit. I’m highly optimistic and look for the best in everything I associate myself with. I’m also a huge procrastinator, and work best at the very last moment. I’m terribly indecisive and I always need a second (or third) opinion. I enjoy creating, and love surrounding myself with things and people that inspire me. I’ve always been passionate about my work, and that helps me to  keep moving forward. I’m easily inspired by things around me, so I have almost an endless amount of ideas I want to explore in life. And on top of all that, when I create something for MWL, I want to make sure it is received in the best way possible. I love seeing people use and admire our products and our work; it brings me so much joy to see that our work improves their work/study/productivity life in a positive way.

“What is done in love is done well

Vincent Van Gogh
Even though Art and Illustration is a full time job for me now, I still love exploring new mediums, art journaling and digital illustrations. I’m really starting to enjoy cooking these days as well!
Founder of Made With Love