About Me

An enthusiastic soul
chasing his dreams

In Charge

As a person I’ve always been interested into creativity, teamwork and athleticism. I love to sketch, draw pictures, participate in several out door sports (football being the most favourite), work with my team and learn from them. In TGUC, I’ve been working with an amazing team where I learn from them everyday and at the same time, watch children having a great time with their favourite physical and creative activities. Being a part of this organisation gives me an opportunity to work for the little minds who needs a proper platform to express their talents, participate in their favourite activities and grow into their best future selves. I’m glad that we’ve been successful in providing the kids of our city the platform that they needed a long time ago.

“Through patience, great things are accomplished

Imam Ali (AS)
Playing football, watching movies, travelling with friends
Senior Manager, Operations at The Growing Up Club